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Experience matters, especially when it comes to family law. Attorney Muñoz has extensive experience in local courts. You can trust him to guide you through the legal process effectively and compassionately.

Whenever you need answers, you'll be able to get them. Attorney Muñoz is available and accessible to his clients 24/7.

Attorney Muñoz is committed to securing the brightest future for your family. He will do what it takes to get your best outcome.

Michael Muñoz

Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Mansfield, Texas

Michael Muñoz

Attorney at Law

The Law Office of Michael Muñoz is led by Attorney Michael Muñoz, a seasoned family litigator with significant experience handling some of the most contested child custody disputes and high-conflict divorce cases. Attorney Muñoz has worked with some of the toughest lawyers in the Mansfield area. He has developed a depth of experience with the local courts through his stint in the Texas Attorney General’s office and later as a private practice lawyer. Discover how he can help you and your family.

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From complex divorce disputes to modifying custody arrangements, Attorney Muñoz is here to protect your rights and fight for your family's best interests.

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The Law Office of Michael Muñoz wants you and your family to be able to build your brightest possible future. Here's what some former clients have to say.

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Whether you're in the initial stages of filing for divorce, or have questions about modifying a child custody order, the Law Office of Michael Muñoz is prepared to advocate for your best interests. Attorney Muñoz aims to provide practical solutions to bring parents and spouses the results they are looking for. Every family is different, so every family law case requires a unique strategy. Attorney Muñoz will listen meticulously to your case and weigh your rights and options based on your situation. He delivers honest and transparent communication so you can be thoroughly informed and make confident decisions every step of the way.

Family law disputes can be complex, especially when local courts have specific regulations. No matter your situation, it's crucial to work with a lawyer who has the level of experience Attorney Muñoz has. His former work in the Texas Attorney General’s office and as a private practice lawyer in reputable firms across Texas have equipped him with the knowledge and skills to handle your case effectively. He proudly serves clients throughout Tarrant County and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area. Contact his office in Mansfield, Texas, to get set up with a free, half-hour consultation today. Spanish-speaking services are also available.